Difference Between Dewalt 7480 vs 7491

Dewalt has a particular place in the market in terms of manufacturing table saws. Therefore, one can easily select Dewalt products over other companies. But one may get confused when he has to choose one product both from Dewalt. Same confusion we are going to eradicate in this article by comparing Dewalt 7480 VS 7491. 

Your decisions always depend on the specification and properties that you want in a specific product. In addition, there is some difference in price with few performing features. All these points are present in this article, and all your confusion will vanish after reading the whole article. 

The Prime Difference Between Dewalt 7480 vs 7491


Dewalt 7491 has a more solid structure than 7480 and can significantly bear without breaking a sweat. Additionally, 32 inches rip capacity makes Dewalt 7491 much better than Dewalt 7480, with only 24 inches ripping capacity.


Dewalt 7491 has the unique feature of a mobile stand at a much affordable price. This table saw will help with placement, and transportation is also full of convenience with this. While the Dewalt 7480 does not have any stand or wheel, so it remains stationary. 

Dust Ports 

Both of these Dewalt tables differ from each other in several dust ports. For example, DEW7491 has two dust ports; one is present on the front side, and another is on the backside. At the same time, Dew7480 has only one dust port that is present on the bottom. 

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Overview of the Dewalt 7480 

This table saw is ideal for lightweight; its 24 inch rip capacity allows easy cutting even of large materials. Its 48 pounds weight makes it lightweight, and transportation also becomes easy. A unique feature of this machine that makes it versatile is its easy setting. The motor of this saw table is of 10amps with 4800 revolutions per minute make cutting super-fast.

For most saw, table sit is uneasy about cutting on an uneven surface but nit with Dew7480. The rear feet of this saw table help balance the table, thus compromising its performance. Cleaning is mandatory, and it is possible to achieve this by connecting the vacuum pump to the rear dust port. Precision fence and powerful motor make it perfect for use.

24T carbide blade is present in its construction, making it durable and functional for a longer span. This saw table allows working on every skin from smooth to rough. Handles used in these saw tables are easy to use and are portable. This table is in demand and is a great best pick for price and feature for those who want a job site saw table.

Safety comes first while working on such machines that are made sure by a transparent blade guard and riving knife. Storage options are vast and extra space is present to keep things tidy and accessories safe. In addition, 32 teeth of this saw table allow it to keep working even when it is tilted or placed in any position. Easy operation makes this suitable for professional operators as well as newbies. 

Overview of Dewalt 7480 by experts

Dewalt aims to bring a unique product to its users at an affordable price with new and special features. In this regard, Dew7480 is one of such products that can be considered the best pick in the nominal fee.  Not just unique, but this saw table also has some outstanding features that no one can think of having at much less price.

This saw table is the best option for you regarding flexibility with accuracy in the task performed. This table has a side tool manual guarding system to make it a perfect job site table, and usage is as easy without any extra tools. Its 48amps motor is the reason that allows cutting of wood or any other hard material without creating any problem for the operator. More power to cutting is present by 32 teeth and a motor speed of 4800 revolutions per minute. 

Specifications of Dewalt 7480:

  • The blade angle is precise, and its range varies from 0 to 45 degrees. This variation and adjustment in grades allow you to cut any size or shape material with the same precision. 
  • A push stick is present that plays the role of a simple hand stick. This stick is easy to hold, smooth, and comfortable while performing a task. If you are innovative enough, you can replace this stick with a new one with better holding ability. 
  • Pinion fencing rails are also present in the construction of Dew7480 for making a better adjustment. Because of these rails, machines work smoothly and swiftly.
  • Locking is essential while cutting something of a specific shape. A T-shape fence lock is available that will keep material in a fixed place. 
  • For smooth and easy cutting, revolutions per minute matter a lot for cutting tables. 4800 revolutions per minute allow you to cut the material in no time with a smooth and clean finishing. 
  • The cutting depth of the material varies by changing the blade cutting angle. At 45 degrees, the depth is 2-1/4 inches. When the blade is at 90 degrees, then cutting is done with a depth of 31/8 inches. 
  • A 10-inch blade is another milestone in Dew 7480 with 24 teeth. His will make cutting no problem, even for hardwood. However, with time, this blade may erode, and its efficiency decreases to replace it.
  • We can 
  • do the cleaning of this table manually or through a vacuum cleaner. For the vacuum cleaning rear dust port is connected with a vacuum pump and is cleaned thoroughly.


  • The versatile operation makes it suitable for cutting different materials.
  • T-shaped fence for holding and making cutting clean.
  • Powerful motor for less input and more output
  • Durable material with a long-lasting feature.
  • You can make Blades adjustments from 0 to 45 degrees.
  • Roll cage base to provide protection.
  • Easy and fast adjustment is present.
  • Affordable 


  • Short height makes it unfit for large-sized cutting.
  • The blade is thin and needs replacement from time to time.
  • In-feed length is also lower is of only 4.5 inches. 

Dewalt 7491 Review

This saw table is one of the most outstanding saw tables under the name of Dewalt in terms of material of construction, and quality. Its durable material with easy adjustment and easy mobility system incorporate a lot in making this the best product for cutting. Inside this saw table, vast space is present to knives, blade guards, fence, and other items safe and free from any harm due to external pressure. 

A rolling stand is unique in a saw table that makes its adjustment easy and fast with much better stability during cutting. In addition, the output of this machine is superb because of its maximum accuracy and precision during certain operations. This accuracy is due to the excellent fence system of Dew 7491. This fence system is adjustable, and we can change its position from back to front without creating any false or rough movement.

  The cross-cutting feature is something unique and made this regular saw table a premium quality table. The mobile stand system is always better than the stationary system, and this mobility becomes swifter due to the presence of moving wheels. The power button of this table is small and has a security cover to protect it from switching on and off accidentally.  A bump pad is also present that makes shutting the machine easy. 

This saw is one of the excellent products that one can bring into his house with outstanding fencing and durability features. This gadget has all the features that help cut more like professional even by some new user or worker.  The metal legs of this sturdy table add more stability to the table with easy adjustment on any ground from rough to plain. This product is best for those who want to go along with one product for a couple of years without updating. 

Overview of Dewalt 7491 by experts 

Dew7491 is a masterpiece with more than 30 inches width across the box allows you to handle everything with perfection.  Two dust boxes are present, one at the bottom and one at the rear of the table. The front dust box collects the waste from the saw above. Its cleaning is not a problem as it can be cleaned by connecting the ports with a vacuum pump.  A powerful motor allows the process to run smoothly no matter how much load we add under the knife.

This table is so easy to use because of its powerful motor that any unprofessional person can use this table on their weekend leisure. Buying this product will pay you for your money. Its long-lasting, durable, sturdy construction material does not require up-gradation after a few years.  Steel lining will protect it from weather damage as well as protect it from any accidental harm. 


  • The ripping capacity of this saw table is 32-1/2 inches on the side table. This machine makes cutting easy no matter how hard and the soft material it is. Compact saw size makes ripping quickly even for comprehensive materials. 
  • The cutting depth of this Dew 2791 may vary depending upon the material under the saw, but the maximum cutting depth is 3.15 inches.
  • 10 inches bade present in this saw table with transparent covering. This covering will keep you aware of what is going inside the saw and protect your fingers from any damage. 
  • The motor is robust, with 15 amps and 4800 revolution speed per minute. These powerful blades with motors add more power to ripping capacity and make this saw table compatible with different functions. 
  • For narrow ripping, this saw table also can flip over the fence.
  • A unique specification feature of his table is onboard storage used for storing knives, cord wrap, and push sticks. 
  • Riving knives are present in this saw table’s construction that prevent kickback, thus playing a safer role while cutting. 


  • An effective mobile system is present due to supporting move able wheels.
  • Fast operation
  • Smooth cutting is possible
  • Great cut capacity 
  • Greater ripping capacity 
  • Safety lever for better protection 
  • Adjustable according to the requirements
  • Accurate and precise cutting 


  • we can use plastic pieces to connect different parts of the table that are vulnerable to breaking.
  • Dust ports are not very efficient in collecting all the dust.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dew 7480 is a good choice for home users or not?

This saw table has many features that make it perfect for enthusiasts. Its easy operation with protected parts makes its usage easy for ordinary people, but this contains more features that must be present in a home saw table. But this is the best table that anyone can have with a low budget.

Does the saw in Dew 7491 come with a blade?

For a high price, this saw table has everything that must be there for proper usage. In addition, DEW 7491 has a blade that will last for years without any up-gradation.

Does DEW 7480 and 7491 come with a dust collector?

Cleaning saw tables might harm new users, but dusting and cleaning are not the issues with these Dewalt tables. Both these tables have dust collectors that we can connect with a vacuum pump for easy cleaning. 


While comparing Dewalt 7480 VS 7491, one may find various similarities in the number of revolutions and blade guard as both have 480 revolutions per minute. However, the Dewalt 7491 is more significant in terms of features as it has rotating wheels for easy movement and a better ripping capacity of 32 per inch. Protection is also better because of its fence system, and more sturdiness is present by steel lining

While 7480 also has some unique features at an affordable price. Smooth table coating ensures easy and precise cutting of hard material with fast speed because of powerful 15amp motor. We have entirely reviewed these two best products, and one can choose the best depending upon their requirement. If you have a reasonable budget, you can get Dew 7491, but if you don’t have enough money, you can go with 7480. 

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