Dewalt dwe7485 VS dwe7491rs in 2022

Dewalt has been making products for years and is undoubtedly successful in launching handy and long-lasting products. For the past few years, Dewalt table saw has earned fame due to its unique construction, quality features, and time to time innovations. This brand is unbeatable in the production of table saws, and quality is perfect without any doubt from nay side. 

A table saw is an important and necessary instrument for professionals and some minor household cutting and trimming. Nowadays, Dewalt has become the best choice when people start thinking of getting a table saw at their homes. Its compact size, less mess, sturdy construction, and easy portability make this brand shine in the presence of other brands. 

Dewalt has different products, and they are named according to their launching time and date. Dewalt 7485 and dwe 7491rs both are good products present under the banner of Dewalt. In this article, we will make a detailed comparison on the topic Dewalt 7485 VS Dewalt 7491RS to help you get one of the above products. 

Key features of the Dewalt dwe7485 Vs dwe7491rs

Power consumption & Revolutions

Both these saws are powerful due to the presence of efficient motors that produce more output with less electricity consumption. Dewalt 7485 and 7491rs both operate at 120 v and 15 ampere.

Dewalt7485 has more number of revolutions than dew7491rs. The first one operates at 5000RPS while the letter one has a revolving capacity of 5800amps. But this difference is not much large and does not affect the efficiency of cutting material. 

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Cutting Depth

Cutting depth decides which of the material can be cut under the saw and which one cannot. Cutting depth is variable at different angles from 45 to 90 degrees. Cutting depth at 90 degrees for Dewalt 7491RS is greater than 3 inches, and for Dewalt 7485, its range is greater than 2 inches. 

Cutting depths are variable when the angle changes from 90 to 45 degrees and its capacity lowers to a certain point. For the Dewalt 7491rs, it is greater than 2 inches, and for letter one, its value is more than 1 inch. 

Blades Comparison Between Dewalt dwe7485 And dwe7491rs

Dewalt 7485 has “diameter blades while Dewalt 7491rs accept 10″ blades. Both these table saws have a 5/8” arbor that does not limit the cutting option for any table. Both tables have the ideal size of blades, thus making assortment and availability easy. 

Dewalt 7485 can handle 12-inch material from the left and 24″ from the right side. Dewalt 7491rs has a greater capacity of handling up to 22″ on the left and 32″ on the left side of the blade. 

Dewalt dwe7485 Review

Dewalt 7485 is one of the best and extraordinary products in the best saw tables with new features. When we talk about its construction, that is quite similar to its previous batch mate that was 745, but this new model has many unique and new things to deal with hard materials.

This machine has a powerful 15Amp torque motor that helps in providing 5800 revolutions per minute with the anti-load protective feature. Rack and pinion free trial systems are present in all models, but this version has a telescoping fence and rails. 

All these rails are parallel, and they can be slid and adjusted to ant level according to the requirement. The maximum ripping capacity of more than 24″ makes cutting of large and thick material no problem for the table saw.  With minimum ripping capacity limit of 12″, handling the biggest wood piece is not at any point to take any tension.

The Bevel lock is quick, and we can adjust the blade from 0 to 45 degrees offering versatile usage under a single table saw. Two dust ports are present at different points that also differ in size. One can easily remove the dust by connecting them with a vacuum cleaner or even with hands. This saw tables of medium size that is 8 inches, making portability easy. The blade has 24 teeth, but a transparent blade guard is also added to protect your hands.

A special limiter is also included in the power button to add more security features. The limiter will prevent accidental switching of saw table from you or children’s. A modular guard and onboard storage feature are also present on this saw table to keep all necessary instruments in touch. This table saw is just 5 pounds, thus making shifting easy from one place to another. 

Review of Dewalt dwe7485 By Experts

Dewalt 7485 is a Jobsite table because of it’s compact 8.5 inches blade and 24.5 ripping capacity. This capacity allows you to cut eight poly wood sticks at a time with a clear and fine ending. Cutting is fine because of easy adjustment control and also by the presence of micro reading, so you may find no difficulty cutting material of any size from any side of the blade. 

Safety is the priority feature for Dewalt, and thus priority begins with the addition of a transparent guard on the blade. But you need to clean this regularly for a clear view. The next safety component is the presence of anti-kickback pawls that will keep the material at its place, thus keeping your cut secure. 

A modular guard system is a feature that allows you to adjust and remove the component easily without any tool. A blade brake button is present to control the movement of the blade when the power button is switched off, thus indirectly keeping the blade sharp and increasing the cutting speed. 

Key Features:

  • Construction is solid steel that will protect any damage from falling or hitting some hard object.
  • 5800 revolutions per minute allow cutting fast and easy, even for hard materials.
  • Wheel in the present to change the direction and angle of blade cutting.
  • The fence lock system is adjustable; we can place even it at different positions because of a slot between two wheels.
  • Two dust ports are present for mess management. One is present under the blade, and the second dust port is present under the saw table.
  • An immediate stop button is present that will stop all accessories at that point at once.
  • Metal miter gauge and push stick are also present for better cutting and trimming of different materials.
  • We can adjust the blade angle from 90 to 45 degrees with easy control over the blade.
  • When the tool is left on, the power loss reset is present to prevent power disruption.
  • Adjustment and replacement of all accessories can be done without any tool. 

Dewalt dwe7485 Pros & Cons

  • Compact and less in weight
  • 5800 revolutions per minute
  • Wide adjustment of the angle
  • Presence of dust ports
  • 15 amp motor with 120V
  • Presence of transparent blade guards
  • Anti-kickback pawls for keeping things in place
  • Onboard storage feature
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Parallel, back, and front fence system 
  • The upper dust port is less effective
  • Absence of dwe7485 stand
  • The fence needs more adjustment time

Overview of Dewalt dwe7491RS

Dewalt dwe7491rs is also a Jobsite saw table because of its compact size and less weight with easy portability. This table is of 10inches with 32.5 inches is the ripping capacity of the blade. Cutting capacity is 3 1/8 and 2 1/4 inches at 90 and 45v degress respectively.

dew7491rs is the table well suited for an audience looking for a saw that can easily cut hardwoods, even dado. 7491rs may be inappropriate for light and home-cutting tasks because a professional can only use too many extra features.

If you are willing to complete your project with the finest ends, then this is the best saw table that you can have because of its high torque 15amp powerful motor. With a large ripping capacity, you will ensure that you don’t have to hassle too much in cutting.

Safety is the main feature that is kept in mind by the manufacturer during its construction. You can use this saw table to cut wooden slabs, racks, and even a part of your home on which you want some re-modeling. 

Usage of this table saw offers another extra point as it works on the simple rules and one can easily understand it. The Fence system is too good to adjust easily and during work without switching off the machine.  The rolling stand is a tremendous feature of this table as it does not insist you lift n heavy machine when you want to change the setup of your working area.

 Two inches dust ports are present at a different position that can be attached to any vacuum pump model for better cleaning output. Price is high for this table, but it offers a high level of precision in cutting no matter what size of material you have placed under the blade.

Measuring lines are readable, and one can easily cut material of nay ranger from micro to macro level. Riving knives are present to prevent kickback while working. 

Dewalt tablesaw in Garage

Review of Dewalt DWE 7491RS By Experts

Dewalt DEW 7491RS is the priority of professionals and experts because of its compact and sturdy build with great ripping capacity. This table has a large space for keeping knives guard, riving knives, and all other items in your access. Setup is easy and convenient because of the rolling stand used to locate this at any place of your choice. 

High accuracy is obtained by the adjustable fence and railing system across the material. These rails do not cause random movements and can be adjusted any were front or on the backside of the targeted material.

The miter gauge is also present for better cross-section cutting and trimming. If you want to use this table saw in the stationary phase, you can remove the mobile stand for that particular task. 

The blade is sharp and can be used to perform light and heavy-duty tasks. Blade guard assembly keeps the blade transparent and visible that also aids in easy cleaning. This guard also helps in protecting your hands while adjusting the blade. This blade provides 3.125 cutting capacity. 

Key Features:

  • This table is a good and highly used saw table for performing a heavy-duty task without the consumption of extra voltage.
  • Its 15A, 120V motor has enough torque to run at 4800ros and cut the material easily.
  • The blade is made up of carbide with 24 teeth, and 12 inches cause the cutting of the hardest material with the same ease.
  • This blade is powerful enough to cut material without damaging its structure that arises for other blades when cutting hard materials.
  • The ripping capacity of the blade can be increased or decreased according to the cutting material and can be locked by placing a fence lock.
  • The rolling stand is removable, and the instrument can be folded back to offer more convenience in changing the position.
  • The subframe of the table saw is made up of metals for more strength to avoid bumps and any damage. 

Dewalt DWE7491RS Pros & Cons

  • Quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • Dust ports for quick cleaning
  • Rolling stand for portability and stability
  • Powerful amp motor
  • Safety is increased by the addition of blade guard and riving knives
  • Durable quality
  • Table coating for long-lasting 
  • Thin blade teeth
  • Fence in resting position interrupt other tasks

Frequently asked questions

Which one comes with dado blade from Dewalt Dew7485 and Dewalt dwe7491rs?

Dewaltdew7485 and Dewalt dwe7491rs both have sharp blades, but one can use a dado blade, and the other cannot. Dewalt dew7491rs has 10 inches blade with 24 sharp teeth suitable for dado blade assembly but this assembly is not present in Dewalt dew7485.

How many dust ports are present in each of them?

Both these saw tables have two dust ports present at different positions to collect waster during cutting.

Does Dewalt dwe7485 with more reps is better in cutting?

Dewalt dew 7485 is with 5800, and dew7491rs is with 4800 revolutions per second. Both have the same powerful motor of 12amp, which means the same cutting capacity without depending on rps.


The difference between these two tables is little instability one is with stability stand while this is missing in dew7485.   If you are willing to buy a table with easy adjustment and portability, you can go with dew7491rs. If space and portability are not a problem with you, you can surely go with dew7485rs.

In this detailed comparison between Dewalt dew7485 VS Dewalt dew7491rs, you may select the first one if you have a budget issue. If budget is not a problem, you ca n go with a letter. 

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