Husqvarna 120 vs 130 vs 135

A chainsaw may be the right equipment for you if you need a tool to aid you with tough outdoor jobs. Chainsaws are available in a variety of styles and weights, with various components to meet the needs of different customers.

Husqvarna offers three different chainsaw models, each with its own set of characteristics. Let’s have a look at the differences between Husqvarna 120 vs 130 vs 135 and see which one would be ideal for you!

For a regular person, comparing Husqvarna 120, Husqvarna 130, and Husqvarna 135 is difficult. Therefore here is a comparison of these three chainsaws for you to comprehend.

After reading this comparison of Husqvarna 120, Husqvarna 130, and Husqvarna 135, you will be able to quickly select the best model for your needs.

Despite their close resemblance, these three models can be confusing. That’s why we’re here to explain the distinctions between the Husqvarna 120, Husqvarna 130, and Husqvarna 135.

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Key Difference Of Husqvarna 120 vs 130 vs 135


The Husqvarna 130 has a 38cc (2.3 cubic inch) engine with a maximum output of 2 horsepower, which is more than enough for most casual users.

For casual use, the 135 is a 16″ (40 cm) gas-powered chainsaw. It is by far the most feature-rich device in that price range. The Husqvarna 120 has a 38.2cc X-Torq engine that can run the saw at a maximum speed of 55 feet per second, which makes it exceptionally efficient at cutting neatly.

Weight & Fence

The Husqvarna 135 has a 16-inch bar length, weighs 10.36 pounds, and features a 38-cc cylinder with 155.2 oz dimension. The Husqvarna 120 is lighter 9.3 pounds with a dimension of 32*9.25*10.7 inches.  The Husqvarna 130 is designed with 12.8 lbs. in weight and 16.4 x 9 x 11.4 inches in dimension

Husqvarna 120 II 16″ Gas Chainsaws Overview

The Husqvarna 120 is a user-friendly gas chainsaw that is meticulous in its work. It is an excellent choice for any low-duty or lightweight cutting job.

This low-cost gas chainsaw can perform tasks such as cutting branches or poles to precise measurements, sizing up wood heaps into bits, and cutting wood for your firehouse. 

There are two valves on the right side and one on the left. Fill the chain oil valve with chain oil and the gas-oil mixture in the gas oil valve with the gas-oil mixture.

To start it, pull the choke and turn on the red switch. You can start cutting as soon as you pull the chord. Simply move it around the wood as if you’re making a cut.

The air filter inside the engine helps keep rotational momentum between each power stroke, allowing the crankshaft to spin smoothly. In addition, it has cooling limbs that soak air in through the covers on the side to cool the cylinder and crankcase.

The easy tension system on the Husqvarna 120 gas chainsaw allows for quick changes while working. Another advantage of the Husqvarna 120 chainsaw is its low kickback. In comparison to other standard chainsaws, it has very low kickbacks. Because it has minimal kickbacks and vibration, the sound or noise level is automatically reduced.

Husqvarna 120 Features

38.2cc X-Torq Engine

This engine has been adjusted to consume low amounts of fuel and gas, allowing you as the operator to find owning this chainsaw to be cost-effective.

By sending lower quantities of emissions into the atmosphere, this engine complies with the world’s strictest environmental rules. This engine can also drive the saw at a maximum speed of 55 feet per second, making it extremely efficient in cutting cleanly.

Chain Oil System

On the chain, there is a constant and consistent supply of oil for lubrication. It provides both safety and efficiency. A dried-up chain is more likely to kick back and wears out more quickly.

Air Purge Function

Using the air purge function after removing the fuel from the tank will allow you to remove air from the carburetor. You may find it difficult to start your chainsaw when you leave it for a few weeks because the decomposed fuel may clog the carburetor. This function eliminates the need to disassemble and clean the carburetor and fuel line system. This is the first Husqvarna chainsaw model with this feature.


Metal and strong plastics make up the Husqvarna 120 16′′ chainsaw. It has a sleek style and a lovely orange color. Both the rear and front handles are conveniently located and easy to operate. A plastic guard sits in front of the front handle as a safety safeguard against a kickback. It also comes with a tough orange bar cover to keep the chain clean and rust-free while not in use.

Combined Choke

Gas-powered chainsaws have a reputation for being difficult to start. This feature makes starting the engine more natural and can be controlled with only one pull. It also lowers the possibility of your engine flooding.

Air Injection

A centrifugal air cleaning mechanism helps trap big dirt and dust particles around the flywheel before they enter the air filter on this chainsaw.

It’s an important factor because it reduces the number of times you have to clean or replace your filter while also extending the life of your engine. Cooling fins on the flywheel draw air into the cylinder to keep it cool. A cold engine will almost certainly operate better.


It has anti-vibration dampeners, which prevent excessive vibration from reaching the user’s hands and arms. It also aids the tool’s consistency of operation. 

Safety Features Of Husqvarna 120

It’s a gas-powered chainsaw with a front-mounted muffler. The vapors are directed away from the user, which is beneficial to one’s health. It’s essential because no one wants to work in a cloud of fumes and smoke.

A gas-powered chainsaw produces a lot of vibration, which can trigger hand-arm vibration syndrome in the operator. The maker uses an anti-vibration mechanism that minimizes vibration rather than eliminating it, making this instrument more comfortable in your hands and easier to operate. 

The addition of a chain brake to handle kickback scenarios improves the chainsaw’s safety features. Pushing the hand guard forward or using the automated inertia release mechanism are two ways to activate it. It also includes a low kickback chain, which lowers the chance of an accident during use.

Specification of Husqvarna 120

  • 32*9.25*10.7 inches
  • Chain speed: 55ft/s
  • 1.8 Horsepower
  • Weight: 9.3 pounds
  • 38.2cc displacement
  • Bar length: 16 inches
  • 9000rpm maximum speed
  • LowVib anti-vibration mechanism
  • X-Torq engine

Husqvarna 120

  • The X-Torque engine is unique in that it reduces both gas oil pollutants and fuel consumption.
  • A basic tensioning mechanism is included.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Low kickback safety features are included.
  • A small and easy-to-use chainsaw.
  • The level is rated at 100.7 dB, which is quite high
  • A little hard to start when it is cold

Why You Chose Husqvarna 120?

The Husqvarna chainsaw is a dependable instrument that can do some basic tasks around the house. It consumes very little fuel and emits very little gas.

This chainsaw is simple to start, use and has some unique characteristics that set it apart from other chainsaws.

It’s lightweight, so you can take it into the woods for firewood or load it in your car for a camping trip. It’s something you should keep in your shed or workshop because it’ll always come in handy for modest jobs.

Overview of Husqvarna 130

If you’re searching for a chainsaw that can tackle a variety of tasks around the house or yard, the Husqvarna 130 could be just what you’re looking for. This gas-powered 16″ (40 cm) chainsaw is simple to start and operate.

It won’t be a problem to cut firewood, prune, or down small trees. It has a 38cc (2.3 cubic inch) engine with a maximum output of 2 horsepower, which is more than enough for most casual users. The fit and finish are excellent, as one would expect from Husqvarna.

It only weighs 10.36 pounds (4.69 kg), so you don’t have to be a lumberjack to use it, even for extended periods of time.

Features of Husqvarna 130


38.2cc X-Torq Engine

The Husqvarna 130 is a low-cost chainsaw with a 16-inch bar and chain. The engine is a 38cc X-Torq® that produces 2 horsepower and 1.84 Nm of torque. At no stress, the chain moves at 55 feet per second (16.8 meters per second).


It contains anti-vibration dampeners, which keep the user’s hands and arms safe from excessive vibration. It also makes the tool’s operation more consistent.

Air Injection

Before reaching the air filter, the centrifugal air cleaning system eliminates bigger dust and debris particles. As a result, air filter cleanings are decreased, and engine life is extended.

Inertia Activated Chain Brake.

Reduces the risk of injury from kickbacks. This chain saw’s inertia chain brake is a critical safety feature. The brake is meant to engage automatically by the force of inertia in the event of unexpected or rapid movement of the chainsaw, such as when kickback occurs.

Combined Choke

It makes it easy to start the engine and decreases the chance of flooding. Chainsaws that run on gas have a bad reputation for being difficult to start. This feature makes it easier to start the engine and can be operated with only one pull. It also reduces the chances of your engine flooding.


Husqvarna 130 Chain Saw:

Specifications of Husqvarna 130

  • Type: Gas
  • Bar length: 16 inches
  • Cylinder displacement: 38 сc
  • Minimum recommended bar length: 14 inches
  • Maximum recommended bar length: 16 inches
  • Chain speed at no load: 55 feet per second (16.8 m/s)
  • Engine:
  • Idling RPM: 2,700
  • Peak horsepower: 2.0 hp
  • Peak torque: 1.84 Nm
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs (excluding cutting equipment)
  • Max RPM: 9,000
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.793 US pint. / 0.375 liters
  • Oil tank volume: 0.549 US pint. / 0.26 liters
  • Spark plug: NGK BPMR7A
  • Electrode gap: 0.022”

Husqvarna 130

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Low-cost air filter
  • Some people report problems with the carburetor
  • Flimsy plastic handguard

When You Can Choose Husqvarna 130?

While the Husqvarna 130 cuts nicely, it may benefit from a little more torque when utilizing the stock bar and chain. It has a low-kickback chain. Thus it isn’t the fastest cutting little chainsaw, but it cuts well, as previously said.

It’s a wonderful saw for camping and removing small trees or limbs. It’s not something you’d use on a daily basis or as your primary tool for heavy-duty work, but for the price and size, it’s capable of handling more severe tasks.

It can take up to four pulls to get it started when it’s chilly. It always starts on first after it’s warmed up.

Husqvarna products frequently require carburetor adjustments right out of the box. The Husqvarna 130 is no different.

This is exactly what happens when it fails to run correctly. Carib adjustments aren’t always essential, but they’re common enough that you should be prepared for them.

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw OverviewThe Husqvarna 135 is a lightweight, gas-powered chainsaw that may be used for a variety of light yet tough activities around the house, such as chopping firewood or pruning trees and shrubs. Because of its compact and ergonomic design, this chainsaw is easy to maneuver.

The Husqvarna 135 has a 16-inch bar length, weighs 10.36 pounds, and features a 38-cc cylinder.

A centrifugal air cleaning system is included with this product, which prevents bigger particles from reaching the air filter and extends the time between air filter cleanings. This enhances the engine’s overall performance.

When it comes time to clean the air filter, this gadget makes it simple with a quick-release air filter.

Features of Husqvarna 135


40.9 cc engine powers the Husqvarna 135 16-inch gas chainsaw. This tool is fuel-efficient, thanks to X-Torq technology. This tool offers a 2 horsepower power output, making it excellent for pruning, hobby projects, and light cutting activities. Furthermore, this chainsaw complies with environmental requirements by emitting lower levels of exhaust.


The 135 model is ideal for those who desire a lightweight but powerful chainsaw. It is lightweight, weighing under ten pounds, and has 14 to 16 inches bar length. As a result, it enables you to work on a wide range of home and DIY projects.

Air Injection

Its Air Injection mechanism makes cleaning easier by removing large dust particles and debris from the air filter before they reach the filter. It helps to extend the engine’s life by reducing the requirement for air filter cleaning. This feature allows you to save a lot of money on replacement tools.

Low Vib/Anti Vibration

They were designed to prevent operator fatigue by reducing vibration. It contains anti-vibration dampeners, which keep the user’s hands and arms safe from excessive vibration. It also makes the tool’s operation more consistent.

Combination choke/stop control 

Combination choke/stop control makes starting easier and reduces the risk of flooding.

Chain tensioner on the side

Chain tensioning is simple and quick with the side-mounted chain tensioner.

Cover for the cylinder.

When changing spark plugs and cleaning the cylinder, the snap-lock cylinder lid saves time.

Specifications of Husqvarna 135

  • Power output:2.01 hp
  • Cylinder displacement: 40.9 cm³
  • Maximum power speed: 9,000 rpm
  • Max engine/motor RPM: 12,000 rpm
  • Idling speed: 2,900 rpm
  • Torque, max: 2 Nm
  • Torque, max. at rpm: 6,300 rpm
  • Clutch engagement speed (±120):4,300 rpm
  • Fuel consumption: 652 g/kWh
  • Fuel consumption: 2.43 lbs/h
  • Spark plug: Champion RCJ7Y, Husqvarna HQT-1, NGK BPMR7A
  • Electrode gap:0.02 in
  • Ignition module air gap: 0.01 in
  • Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V): 813 g/kWh

Husqvarna 135

  • Lightweight.
  • This is one of the most affordable Husky saws.
  • It’s ideal for light labor.
  • With careful care, it will survive for decades.
  • Parts and services are easy to find
  • Not for extended run times
  • Entry-level chainsaw
  • Not great on hardwoods

What You Can Choose Husqvarna 135?

The Husqvarna 135 is an excellent all-around entry-level chainsaw for casual household use. It’s not designed to cut through thick logs all day, but when handled properly, it’s a great complement to any chainsaw lineup.

The Husqvarna 135 is ideal for light pruning and cutting operations. You will like its ergonomic design and simple operation. Husqvarna chainsaws provide homeowners with a high level of dependability and usefulness. Because it is lightweight, easy to start, and operate, the Husqvarna 135 series is suitable for casual use.


Any of these Husqvarna chainsaws will be a wonderful pick if you’re searching for a simple to use, lightweight, and sturdy chainsaw.

If you’re looking for a machine to use around your home, the Husqvarna 120 is an excellent option. The 120 is ideal for chopping firewood, as well as minor liming and storm cleanup.

With the Husqvarna 130, you can take on any project. This light-duty saw uses less fuel and is ideal for pruning and other light-duty tasks.

This Husqvarna chainsaw is designed for casual use. The Husqvarna 135 delivers the best of both worlds with more power and a lighter build. You can’t go wrong with this powerful chainsaw if you’re looking for a machine that’s easy to use and maintain.

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