Compression Husqvarna 135 vs Stihl ms170 -Which Is Best

There are a lot of professional chainsaws on the market for a hard workload in the forests and woods, but if you only need something light and portable for regular home use, one of the two devices we’ll look at in this article can be the perfect fit. We’ll compare the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw against the Stihl MS 170 chainsaw side by side.

Difference Between Husqvarna 135 vs Stihl ms170

The Husqvarna 135 and the Stihl MS 170 are both petrol-power chainsaws, so all you have to do is fill up your tank. The gasoline tank volume on the Husqvarna 135 is  0.37 litres,while the fuel tank capacity on the Stihl MS 170 is 0.25 litres.

It means that the Husqvarna has a larger petrol tank than the Stihl MS 170, allowing for longer periods of use before refueling. In addition, a screw-type gasoline tank is also found on the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw, while a lock-type fuel tank is seen on the Stihl MS 170 chainsaw.

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The Husqvarna 135 has a suggested guide bar length of 14″ to 16″ and weighs roughly 4.39 kg, whereas the Stihl MS 170 has a guide bar length of 12″ to 16″ and a powerhead weight of 3.9kg, making it slightly lighter than the Husqvarna 135.

Engine Power

The Husqvarna 135 has a power output of 2.1 horsepower, whereas the Stihl MS170 has a power output of 1.7 horsepower. This indicates that the Husqvarna 135 is a better alternative for you in terms of performance. All Husqvarna 2-stroke engines feature the X-TORQ technology, which decreases fuel consumption by up to 20% and emissions by up to 60%. The Stihl, on the other hand, is equipped with a standard, entry-level engine. The X-TORQ is only available from Husqvarna.

On/Off Button

A compression release button is located on the top of the engine on both the Husqvarna 135 and the Stihl MS 170 to help to start the machine easier. Apart from the compression release button on both models, the Husqvarna 135 has a small button for pumping fuel before starting the engine. This is a characteristic that the Husqvarna has that the Stihl MS 170 does not have. It isn’t a huge thing or a game-changer in any way. It’s only a convenient function for starting the engine quickly.

Cutting Speed

Husqvarna chainsaws are known for cutting through wood faster than Stihl chainsaws, as evidenced by the Husqvarna 135 and the Stihl MS 170.

The Husqvarna chainsaw cut through logs roughly six seconds faster than the Stihl chainsaw in various cutting tests utilizing both chainsaws with balanced parameters and conditions. In addition, it indicates that when cutting chores using the Husqvarna 135, users are more likely to complete them faster than when using the Stihl MS 170.


Anti-kickback/chain brake safety measures are available on both the Husqvarna 135 and the Stihl MS 170, albeit the one on the Stihl appears to be much more durable than the one on the Husqvarna 135.

The Husqvarna 135’s inertia-activated chain brake technology is meant to engage promptly if the chainsaw experiences a kickback or unexpected movement while in use.

It lowers the chances of fatal injuries in the event of an unexpected chainsaw movement while working. The chain brake system on the Stihl MS 170 can activate either manually or automatically.

Even when the throttle trigger is pushed, the brake pad jams the clutch pad and prevents the chain from rotating. In the event of a significant kickback, the front guard lever is pulled forward to manually activate the chain brake, just like on the Husqvarna 135 and other chainsaws.


Anti-vibration mechanisms are built into the Husqvarna 135 and the Stihl MS 170 to allow them to be used for extended periods with less fatigue and increased productivity. It’s known as the “Low Vib” system on the Husqvarna 135, and the “Stihl Anti-Vibration Technology” on the Stihl MS 170.

Husqvarna 135 Review

Husqvarna is a well-known chainsaw and gardening equipment brand that produces high-quality products. The Husqvarna 135 chainsaw is the perfect chainsaw for simple cutting tasks. However, you should be aware that this model is not suitable for felling trees, but it can use to saw logs for firewood.

Because it is simple to set up and use, the 135 is the suggested chainsaw for anyone who has never used a chainsaw before. In addition, it has an instruction label on the back that you may refer to if you need help on how to use it.

Feature of Husqvarna 135


This chainsaw is only 4.4kg in weight, making it easy to manage and use. You should also consider the machine’s ergonomic design, which makes the chainsaw easier to wield. It is wonderful news for those looking to purchase the machine to use it for a long time.


The Husqvarna 135 is built to be environmentally friendly. This chainsaw’s creators claim they can minimize environmental stress. This chainsaw has a one-of-a-kind X-TORQ engine that saves fuel. Furthermore, it aids in the reduction of exhaust pollution levels, allowing the machine to comply with international emission standards. Furthermore, this chainsaw’s research and development never cease. The designers are currently researching and developing this chainsaw to ensure that it meets the needs of both homeowners and professionals.


In most Husqvarna Technologies, there has been a breakthrough after many years of intensive study and development. The chainsaw has anti-vibration Low-Vib dampeners, which help to absorb the machine’s vibrations. This helps to reduce the impact on your hands and arms, making the chainsaw experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, the machine includes a dual stop/choke control, which makes it easy to start the chainsaw while also preventing flooding. The Injection of Air The centrifugal air cleaning technology decreases wear on the air filters and the number of times they must be cleaned.

The Trio Brake, which lets you quickly tope the chain, is one of the most interesting things to keep an eye on. This feature improves your ergonomics and technique as well as your safety.

Husqvarna 135 Specification

  • Chain bar length 355.6 mm
  • Chain speed 17.1 m/s 
  • weight 4400 g 
  • Oil tank capacity 0.25 L
  • Noise level 114 dB 
  • Vibration emission 3.8 m/s²
  • Product colour Black, Orange 
  • Power 1500 W
  • Motor speed (max) 12000 RPM
  • The power source (Petrol)

Husqvarna 135

  • One of the most affordable Husky saws
  • Good for mild labor; with careful maintenance, it will survive for decades.
  • Parts and services are easy to come by.
  • Lightweight
  • a member of the Husky clan.
  • Chainsaw for beginners
  • On hardwoods, it’s not so fantastic.
  • Not recommended for long runs


Why choose Husqvarna 135?

The Husqvarna 135 petrol chainsaw is a dependable, well-built, and cheap petrol chainsaw that is excellent for hobbyists and light garden coppicing needs. Amazon is our preferred store for this model due to its low prices and excellent customer service. The use of oil and petrol is excellent, with a full tank giving roughly 20 minutes of continuous operation.

Stihl ms170 Overview

 It’s challenging to locate a chainsaw that is both robust and compact and lightweight. But, on the other hand, this saw exceeds everyone’s expectations by making precise and durable cuts while remaining compact.

The saw allows users to adjust the blade length from 12 to 16 inches, allowing them to use it for a variety of tasks. Because the blades can change, this saw is quite adaptable. This saw is ideal for modest work around the house due to its tiny size. In addition, the saw is excellent for felling trees or branches that have fallen due to a storm.

In less than a second, it can cut 6 × 6-inch lumber with precision. This model effectively utilizes the consumers’ time in this manner. In a compact chainsaw like this, the two-stroke engine increases the saw’s power-to-weight ratio. The carburetor maintains a balanced air-to-fuel ratio, and the air filter may adjust to keep the saw clear of dust and debris without causing concern to the operator.

Features of Stihl ms170

Chain Brake:

Chain Saws are fitting with a chain stopping device that reduces the danger of injury in the event of a kickback. When the operator’s hand or inertia engages, if the saw kicks back with enough force, this device is design to stop the chain from rotating. It can be actuated by inertia in some operating situations, stopping the chain in fractions of a second.

Anti-Vibration System:

A system for reducing vibration levels in handheld outdoor power equipment has been created. This system aids in the reduction of operator fatigue and creates a more pleasant working environment.

Compensating Carburetor:

When the air filter gets restrict or partially clogged, the compensating carburetor adjusts the air/fuel ratio automatically to keep the engine running at the proper RPM.

The diaphragm and fuel flow are controlled by air from the clean side of the air filter. This mechanism regulates the fuel flow to compensate for the decrease in airflow as the air filter becomes dirty and less air is available for the carburetor. On the other hand, Typical carburetors use the air from the “dirty” side of the air box.

Lubrication System:

The lubrication system ensures proper lubrication while consuming less oil than traditional techniques. The method works because two ramps strategically placed in the guide bar rail help to restrict oil flow and direct it to the bar’s sliding sides and chain links, as well as the rivets and driver holes, resulting in a 50% reduction in bar oil consumption.


A single lever controls the choke, the throttle lock, and the on/off switch. Before sliding the Master Control to the choke position, the operator must pull the throttle trigger.

Specification of Stihl ms170

  • Engine Power: 1.3 kW (1.7 bhp)
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 145 cc (4.9 oz.)
  • Guide Bar Lengths (Recommended ranges): 12″-16″ (14″ standard)
  • Fuel Capacity: 250 cc (8.5 oz.)
  • Powerhead Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Displacement: 30.1 cc (1.8 cu. in.)
  • OILOMATIC® Chain: 3/8″ PMM3

Stihl ms170

  • Simple to us
  • For first-timers, it’s simple.
  • Powerful
  • Accurate
  • Short-lived
  • The handle is flimsy

Why You Choose Stihl ms170?

The MS 170 is light and compact, making it easy to handle and ideal for personal use. This saw is one of the best in the business for clearing branches, felling trees, and cutting firewood. If a storm hits the user’s residence, he will have no trouble cleaning the limbs that have fallen from the tree.

The saw makes clean cuts in a short amount of time. The saw can cut through a reasonably thick blade in less than a second. When working on a large project, it saves a lot of time. The smooth cuts ensure that the furniture produced is of high quality. As a result, furniture stores will be in high demand for the user.

The tool-less is prone to a kickback due to its lightweight aluminum and plastic cover. This feature ensures that the tool is safe to use. The tool is lightweight and simple to use. This tool would be easy to use if someone only cleans branches regularly. This saw’s engine makes two revolutions in a single stroke, which means it uses less fuel to generate the necessary power.


In general, both the Husqvarna 135 and the Stihl MS 170 chainsaws are excellent with their respective purposes. The size, portability, and adaptability for homes are striking similarities between the two machines.

The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is known as “the homeowner chainsaw.” Despite this, I believe the Husqvarna 135 is a superior buy. Even though the Husqvarna 135 is slightly more expensive than the Stihl MS 170, its unique characteristics give it the upper hand.

It has an advantage over the Stihl MS 170 because of features like the X-TORQ technology built-in. In addition, its 2-stroke engine regulates fuel use, its faster-cutting speed, its larger gasoline tank to allow for more working hours, and its accessibility and ease of purchasing, among other things.

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