Privacy Policy

The privacy of our visitors is the ultimate responsibility of us and we maintain our standard by giving extreme security to our customer’s privacy. This privacy policy is all about you.

Log files and cookies

Log files will be the component of also it covers the information related to IP, ISP, Browser Info, time/date postage, Exit/referring pages, Click Calculation, site manage, Track user’s motion and Demographic info.
The purpose of such files is just to manage the site management and checking the updates about trends and usage of the site.
Additionally, Mailbox can be used to supply the quickest and easiest access to the website attributes. Both sessions and continuous cookies are a part of this website but no cookie-cutter is misused.

Amazon Associate Program

This really is an amazon affiliate website that is linked to and earns the charges for advertisements and linking the way to and another website that’s affiliated to the amazon associate application.

The website may comprise the outbound links and may lead to the other website that’s not really stoppable at all. We don’t guarantee the privacy policies and terms of any other site except our own.
Use of Private Information
We don’t request any registration to get and visit this site but in the case of linking site-related forums, leaving a remark, providing articles, filling surveys, polls, and taking part in discussions you have to get enrolled first.
The supplied personal information will be secured. Be cautious when leaving a comment, post, and answer to any discussions.

Privately Identifiable Information

In case, if your private information becomes changed and you aren’t further willing to discuss that information and wish to get deleted the preceding information then you can simply drop an Email to the purpose.
Coverage Change Notice
The policy shift notice can be sent anytime and it will be a restricted time detection.
Contact Details
For additional details about the policy along with any other query, you may go to the Contact us Page.

Cookies and Web Beacons

The website uses cookies to store information about visitor’s preferences, record user-specific data on which pages they visit/access and personalize web content based upon the browser type or other details that you send via your internet connection!

DoubleClick DART Cookie

The use of cookies by Google enables it to deliver ads appropriate for your interests on Prohandymantools ( Users can opt out if they want, visit www dot google ad network ibm com/privacy# DP1128420
Google’s DART cookie provides personally-solicted content based upon user visits and other sites along with its own website at prohandymantools.

Our site uses cookies and web beacons to deliver the best possible service. These third-party ad servers or networks may collect data from your browser using direct response technology, which will transmit this information back to our server in order for us evaluate how well we are doing when it comes down delivering content on our website–as well as What ads you have seen previously before coming here!
We also use other technologies such like HTML5 local storage objects so that sites can remember certain values about visitors over time.

Prohandymantools ( has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers.

Children’s Information

Children are spending more time on the internet and we want to make sure they’re safe. We recommend that parents spend some quality bonding time with your child when he or she is online so you can see what’s happening in real-time, observe his/her digital footprint for yourself (and take action if anything seems off), monitor how much screen time each day was Having said this: Prohandymantools does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age!

If you believe that your child’s personally-identifiable information is in our database, please contact us immediately (using the address listed above) and we will use best efforts to remove such data from records promptly.

Online Privacy Policy Only

We know you care about how your information is used, so we’ll make sure to keep this policy short and sweet. Our website may ask for personal details like name or email address during registration; however as long as they are kept private then that’s what matters most!


By using our website, you here by consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on six May, 2022.

GDPR Policies

What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

User Registration

We don’t have any user Registration option in our blog.


The comment you just left on our site is a great one! We want to make sure that your experience with us continues as well, so we’re saving some of the information in order for later use. This includes things like name and email address which should be enough since this info can never really go away from what’s been inputted onto various websites before now anyway– but if not then don’t worry about it because these cookies won’t last longer than one year after browser session ends anyway

Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this site may contain embedded content, such as videos or images. Embedded material from other websites works just like if you had visited the original site instead of ours!

Websites that you visit may collect data about your online activity, including the websites and pages on which they appear. This information can be used for purposes such as improving site functionality or ad targeting based upon what we learn from it about how users interact with our sites overall (e..g., click rates). Some third party domains have their own privacy policies when it comes to collecting this type of sensitive data so make sure you read those before giving them access!

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