Complete Combarison Between Ryobi P515 vs P517

Ryobi has announced the release of two new trimmer line models, namely the P515 and P517. The company claims that these tools are capable of handling most trimming requirements for homeowners with ease thanks to their powerful performance and affordability, which will make them popular additions to many toolboxes across America!

The Ryobi P515 vs P517 compares two power tools that we have in our tool shed. Both of these are corded drills, but you should know some critical differences before going out and purchasing either one!

First off, let me say this- both models offer 5-amp motors, which means they can get the job done quickly compared to lower-end models offered by competitors like DeWalt or Black & Decker. However, if maximum torque/speed isn’t what’s needed, then consider buying.

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Key Differences of Ryobi P515 vs P517 


The Ryobi P515 has a motor that runs at 3100 strokes per minute (SPM) powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. With 7/8-inch stroke lengths, this reciprocating saw slices through nearly any material with ease.

In addition, the no-load speed trigger minimizes impact by providing superior power to cut metal, wood, plastic, shrubs, tree branches, stone, and PVC, resulting in a better cut.

The Ryobi p517 brushless reciprocating saw is pro-level, with a 1-1/8′′ stroke length and 3200 strokes per minute.

However, the evidence is in the pudding. For all of our cutting, we usually use a carbide-tipped reciprocating blade.

When cutting clean wood, though, it isn’t always the most excellent option. If you’re cutting with the Ryobi P517, an aggressive, low TPI blade is the way to go. However, when there’s metal in the mix, use a carbide blade with a higher TPI.


The Ryobi P515 is 4.6 pounds lighter than the Ryobi P517, with 15 x 6 x 6 inches. The Ryobi P515 reciprocating saw is one of the lightest on the market.

Because of its slight weight and portability, this saw is ideal for overhead work. When you utilize this gadget, you will notice that arm weariness is almost non-existent.

The Ryobi P515 is also a highly safe device, thanks to its electronic brake, which can bring the blade to a complete halt in a matter of seconds. It also has a lock-off switch that prevents the saw from being accidentally started.

The Ryobi P517 weights are 5.6 pounds and has dimensions of 17.5 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches. The P517 was the slowest in our nail-embedded wood test, taking an average of 16.16 seconds to cut a 2 x 10 piece.

The rest of the group averaged 10.5 seconds, indicating a significant difference. A similar tale may be told about metal cutting. Ryobi’s 7.00-second average was a few seconds slower than the group’s 5.00-second average.

Its 13.38-second performance on the #5 rebar was approximately 4 seconds slower than the group average.


The Ryobi P515 has a motor that runs at 3100 strokes per minute (SPM) powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery.

The Ryobi P517 runs at 2900 strokes per minute power by 18v Lithium ion batteries. In our head-to-head comparison, we used a 9.0Ah battery, which put it in the pack’s center in terms of weight. However, to obtain the most incredible combination of size and performance, we recommend pairing it with a 3.0Ah HP battery for punch list work or a 6.0Ah HP battery for extended periods.


The Ryobi P515 reciprocating saw is relatively inexpensive, and it costs less than many of its competitors. However, keep in mind that the Ryobi P515 is sold as a bare tool, which means you’ll have to buy it separately.

If you’re one of the millions of individuals who use Ryobi One+ devices, the P517 is an excellent deal at $119. This is the lowest score of any basic tool we evaluated in this class. However, there isn’t a kit option available right now. If you require it, a charger and two 3.0Ah batteries are available for $149.

Ryobi P515 Overview

The Ryobi P515 is an all-in-one tool that can cut glass, metal, and wood. It also has a saw blade for cutting aluminum along with nails or screws of different sizes, so you don’t need to take up your hands from work. You will love the Ryobi P516; it’s perfect for beginners!

It has an 18v one battery tool and is extremely lightweight. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice quickly like other brands requiring two or more replacement pieces every time your drill gets low on power. A great option if you want something easy going but aren’t looking just yet at investing in higher quality equipment.

Features of Ryobi P515

The Ryobi P515 is a lightweight, powerful and affordable Li-Ion drill that has 26 different functions. This device can be used for all sorts of home improvement projects, from hanging pictures to installing cabinets or doing remodels on your kitchen countertop! In addition, the balance point makes it easy to control while in use which will help you avoid fatigue after long periods of working with this tool.

  • Variable Speed Trigger: With the aid of a gradual start-up and an electronic brake, you can get a better grip on the saw and produce the ideal cut.
  • Toolless Blade Changing: With the aid of a lever-actuated blade changing system, quick and fast blade swaps are possible, eliminating the danger of tool-related harm.
  • Anti-Vibe Handle minimizes fatigue for the user by absorbing the shock generated by the operating motor, allowing for a more pleasant and precise operation.
  • GripZone Rubber Overmold provides a tight grip over the saw while allowing non-slip handling even in wet circumstances.

Specification of Ryobi P515

This powerful flashlight from Ryobi is a great tool for any home. It fits in your pocket, so you can carry it with you everywhere you go. The P515 features two different lighting modes: high beam and low light, which will easily illuminate all corners of your house at night time if needed without wasting energy or annoying those around with flickering bulbs like other flashlights do.

With 8 lumens total brightness, this bright little device weighs less than an ounce, making it easy on even the most sensitive eyesight while also being durable enough not to break when dropped, unlike smaller products often found flooded throughout stores today due to its tiny size – who wants broken glass?

Pros Ryobi P515

  • For improved control and safety, use a variable-speed trigger.
  • Ergonomic design helps to reduce fatigue and pain.
  • The Grip Zone mold provides excellent grip and little slippage.
  • The tool-less blade clip makes changing blades simple and quick.
  • Ryobi One+ compatible
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight

Cons Ryobi P515

The Ryobi P515 is a powerful tool that has many cons. 

  • When compared to other tools in the same class or 110-volt tools, it’s a little underpowered.
  • The batteries are quickly depleted by heavy and continuous use.

Why Should You Choose Ryobi P515?

The Ryobi P515 is a lightweight, portable tool that is ideal for working above or in difficult-to-reach areas. Because it runs on batteries, you won’t get tangled in a cord, and the rubber over grip prevents it from slipping.

Plus, rather than having to set a separate dial, you can adjust the speed with your trigger finger.

It also has a tag price that most people will like, especially if they already own batteries and chargers that are compatible with the Ryobi One+ tool ecosystem. 

Because it runs on batteries, it’s a little weak compared to other reciprocating saws, and heavy usage will soon drain the battery.

Ryobi P517 Overview

Ryobi P517 is the newest addition to our Ryobi 18v lineup. This battery can be charged in your car, so you never need a charger if it runs low. It makes life easier for on-the-go people that use their tools often.

 The Ryobi P517 is a battery and charger for the Porter-Cable PCE Hammermill. It’s got two LED lights on it, as well as one which turns red when you need more power!

This device will work with any Makita or Dewalt tool except their cordless tools, where they recommend using their compatible batteries instead of these if possible. 

However, some may still accept them depending upon models/versions available in different countries, etc. But always make sure before purchasing anything else if there are compatibility issues first so that nothing gets lost due to crossfires happening between brands.

Features Of Ryobi P517

The Ryobi P517 features a 2.5 inch cutter that has become very popular and wide, allowing you to easily reach some tight spots or trim larger branches without having the branch break before getting where it needs to be done.

In addition, the lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting power with quick charge times, so you’re not left waiting around all day for an intense job.

Brushless Motor

The fact that Ryobi has included a brushless motor in the reciprocating saw is the buzz of the town. The benefits are well-documented, and in today’s market, it’s near what we can expect from a Professional-level cordless reciprocating saw.

Replacement of Blades

The stay-open blade clamp is a novel innovation that makes blade replacement easier when it comes to blades. A two-stage mechanism retains the lock open when you flip it out. You may now work by flipping it with your thumb to lock the blade in position.

Handle Design

Grip zone micro-textured is the main feature of Ryobi P517. The P517 is very easy to use. Unfortunately, there is no surprise to find. Ryobi’s have some carve and oversized handles. However, it fits more than other traditional Ryobi handles.

Orbital Movement

The orbital action of the Ryobi Brushless Reciprocating Saw is excellent news. Only Ridge’s Gen5X had orbital motion on the cordless side a few years ago, but that’s changing. The changeover seems a little strange.

Next to the blade lock, you’ll see it. Twist the tab to the desired icon – orbital or straight cutting.

Hook Rafter

In the conventional sense, the Ryobi P517 does not have them. However, when using 2x material instead of a rafter hook, the area between the batteries and the motor sits highly nicely. Skil’s brushless model features something similar.

 Specification of Ryobi P517

In addition to being using for household tasks, this tool can perform professional-grade repairs on cars. The Ryobi P517 automotive tool can be yours. Ryobi P517 is a powerful tool that can use to cut aluminum, steel, and plastic.

It has three modes of operation: scroll saw blade; metal-shear Horizontal Cut Guide for cutting rods up through 2in thick material like conduit or pipe in one go; Reciprocating Saw with 6-inch-long stroke allowing you to make straight cuts from 5/8 inches apart across your project workspace without having any joints show when done!

Pros Ryobi P517

  • Adjusting the speed is simple.
  • It may be used with a variety of blades.
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • There are several uses.

Cons Ryobi P517

  • One major downside is the cost. 
  • There is no dust port included.
  • Cutting speeds are slower than those of standard Pro-level saws.
  • There is currently no kit option available.

Why Should You Choose Ryobi P517?

The Ryobi P517 goes into the professional entry-level category and is a victory for serious Dyers, but it’s not yet ready to compete with premium cordless devices. It’s ideal for maintenance staff and infrequent users.

Demo workers, on the other hand, who will be working with it all day will choose for a more expensive alternative.

You get a lot of Pro-level capabilities, and the brushless motor adds an extra layer of performance and longevity, despite the fact that it costs more than $100.


Ryobi offers two different models of this chainsaw, the P515, and the P517. The differences between these two are few but might be enough to make one more interesting for you than another depending on your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a saw that is easy-to-start, lightweight, has a long stroke length, and can cut through branches up to 18 inches in diameter, then the P515 will work great for you.

On the other hand, if you need a powerful saw with an automatic oiler or don’t mind carrying it around because its weight isn’t too much, go ahead and spend some extra money on the P517 and get those additional features! Either way, we hope this article helped.

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