The Ryobi P5231 vs P523: Which is Best In 2022

It is a cordless tool that may be used to produce trims and ornamental cuts. With speed and accuracy, it cuts straight as well as at various angles. Both of these tools are built to offer excellent performance, as well as speed and precision.

They’re both lightweight, portable, and easy to operate. The Ryobi P5231 features revolutionary blade technology that employs new teeth for increased efficiency and blade use.

It’s a very inexpensive jigsaw that can cut through most depths. It can cut through both horizontal and vertical surfaces, which is also available in the Ryobi P523.

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Key Difference Between Ryobi P523 vs P5231

Allen Wrench

With Ryobi p5231, you will get an Allen wrench and with p523 you cannot get an Allen wrench. The Allen wrench itself is a tiny six-sided L-shaped wrench. The Allen wrench has a hexagonal cross-section when viewed from the side. Because of its unique form, the Allen wrench can only be used with things that are specifically designed for it.

Weight & Dimensions

The Ryobi p5231 is lighter than p523, 4.4s pounds with a dimension of 11 x 12 x 6.5 inches. The Ryobi p523 is designed with 4.9pounds in weight and 11 x 12 x 6.5 inches in dimension.

Stroke Per Mint

The Ryobi P523 features a strong motor that can go up to 3000 strokes per minute. These strokes can be change. The blade strokes may be adjusted to fit the material you’re cutting. The more blade strokes there are, the more challenging the material is. The Ryobi p2351 has a 1,100-3,000 s/min. (SPM).

Ryobi P5231

The Ryobi P5231 is a cordless jigsaw with a blade-saving function that allows you to utilize the instrument to its most significant output and efficiency. Both rookie and experienced carpenters may use it. It’s small, portable, and reasonably priced. The brushed motor is strong enough to create precise cuts at a faster pace.

It has safety features, including a locking system that allows you to operate the tool securely. The blade may change to make a variety of cuts. It has an ergonomic design that will better hold on to the tool while using it.

The Main Difference Between Ryobi P5231 vs P523

The Ryobi P5231 is a cordless jigsaw that can produce ornamental cuts and allows you to display your creative carpentry proudly. As with the Ryobi P523, it is lightweight and operates quickly and efficiently with four orbital settings. 

At higher and lower stages, both of these cordless tools cut through wood and metal. 

Both of these tools include a built-in dust blower and an LED system for improved sight when cutting. There is also a slight pricing variation between these two instruments. 

The Ryobi P5231 vs P523 comparison table will help you understand the differences and similarities between these two tools so you can make an informed purchasing choice.

In comparison to the Ryobi p5231, the Ryobi p523 has a locking system and more security measures. These tools may be used to make delicate patterns on hardwood frames and ornamental trimmings.

The majority of the functionality is the same in both saws. Woodcutting tools and a wrench are included with the Ryobip523, which are not included in the Ryobi P5231. Continue to read to know about the comparison of Ryobi p5231 vs P523.

Feature of Ryobi P5231

It’s a cordless jigsaw with built-in advanced capabilities that produce professional-looking results with excellent quality. In addition, it has a strong motor that allows it to create delicate and accurate cuts and may be used at home.

Trigger Lock System

You no longer have to keep pressing the trigger while working. Instead, simply pushing the button locks the grip, allowing you to concentrate on the tool’s motion for a precise, exact cut.

Four Orbital Settings

You may customize the orbital settings to meet your needs. For example, increase the settings for rapid and accurate straight cuts. Conversely, reduce the settings for delicate curve cuts or metal cutting.

Blade-saving Base

This function allows you to get the most out of your blade. For example, when your blade begins to fail, you may use the new section of the edge by detaching the base, extending the life of your equipment.

Strong Orbiting Motor

It has a powerful orbiting motor that can achieve 3000 strokes per minute. With the aid of a dial, you may adjust the pace of the blade strokes to meet your needs. On the machine’s top, the dial is conveniently accessible. So even when pushing the trigger, you may change the pace.

Dust Blower & LED Light

This jigsaw has a dust blower as well as an LED light. The goal of these two features is to make your line more visible while you’re working. In addition, the dust blower clears your path of any dust and debris so that your vision is unaffected.

Overview of Ryobi P5231 By Experts

All side chores in woodworking benefit from high performance. With this tool, you may make beautiful trimmings and express your woodworking talent. It has a blade-saving function that allows you to use the blade to its full potential.

The blade replacement is simple. In addition, this tool has a locking mechanism and safety features that allow you to operate it safely.

Working with this instrument necessitates the use of safety equipment and extreme caution. When you use this tool to cut wood or metal, the LED illuminates the cuts.

With this tool, you may make ornamental items out of a variety of materials. The soundless equivalent is offered for a high fee. This instrument is cheap and may be used to cut both curved and straight lines.

You can make angled cuts with ease by adjusting the slopes to the left and right. The ergonomic design allows you to grasp the tool with a secure grip that won’t slip during use. With ease, it may use for both smoother and more powerful cuts.

It comes with a blade and a wrench that may provide torque and speed up utilizing other instruments with this jigsaw. In addition, it is rapidly refilled when the battery runs out, so you don’t have to wait long to finish your task.

Ryobi P5231 Specifications

  • 4.4-pound weight
  • Model name p5231
  • 11*12*6.5 inches product dimension
  • 1 Lithium-ion battery required
  • Gray and green color
  • Metal and plastic material are both available
  • 0° – 45 cutting angle 
  • Blade shape T shape
  • 18v voltage

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • System of locking triggers
  • Lightweight
  • Blade change is possible without the need for any equipment.
  • Portable
  • Capacity to rip
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Guide without leaser
  • U-shank blades are not accepted.
  • The battery is soon depleted.

Ryobi P523

The Ryobip523 is a cordless jigsaw that is best suited for experts and not for beginners. It has a strong motor that allows you to produce precise and accurate cuts at a high pace.

Make ornamental trimmings, angled cuts, curved and straight cuts with this tool. It used to cut both wood and metal.

It is lightweight, portable, and equipped with safety measures such as a brake and locking mechanism, allowing you to operate the tool without difficulty.

The variable speed enables you to cut a range of materials with precision. However, it is only suggested for specialists, not for everyday use.

Ryobi P523 Features

The Ryobi P523 is a professional-grade jigsaw. With its variable speed mechanism, you may produce various slanted cuts and curved and straight cuts.

In addition, its blade-saving function encourages you to make the most of your blade until it wears out.

Lock System

A lock system has been fitted in conjunction with the trigger. By angling the jigsaw, you may lock the trigger using a switch on the top of the tool.

It allows you to conserve energy by focusing your attention on the tool’s movement rather than pushing the trigger all the time.

Blade Savor

It is a blade savoring gadget that forces you to utilize your blade all the way through. In addition, this function extends the lifespan of your blade.

Tool-less Blade Change

The tool-less blade change mechanism allows you to change the blade without having to use any tools. For example, to change the heated saw blade, you don’t have to touch it.

Speed Settings

There are four-speed levels to choose from, depending on the nature of your task. For example, if you require a straight cut, keep the speed high; reduce the speed if you need fine cuts.

Overview of Ryobi P523 By Expert

Professional carpenters choose the Ryobip523 cordless jigsaw for producing precise cuts and beautiful trimmings. This tool makes woodworking more pleasant since it allows you to make curved and straight cuts with ease.

The clamping mechanism allows for fast blade changes. In addition, the orbital settings optimize performance by enabling you to quickly cut through a variety of depths and angles of wood and metal.

When you adjust the levers for cutting, the locking system offers a safety precaution by locking them in place.

This tool can use with T-shank blades. It’s small, light, portable, strong, and adaptable, and it’s inexpensive.

When cutting through wood or metal, professional carpenters, as well as home users, can complete their tasks quickly and accurately. You may produce curved and angular cuts up to 45 degrees with the bevel settings.

The motor’s speed allows you to perform both basic and intricate and forceful cuts with ease.

For all types of stakes, this tool provides smoother operations. In addition, installing or changing a blade is simple and does not necessitate the use of tools.

The majority of the changes, such as changing the speed or adjusting the blade, are simple. It’s not meant to be used regularly, but it’s an excellent tool for special occasions. 

Ryobi P523 Specifications

  • Ryobi One+ 18V Battery is the source of power.
  • The number of strokes per minute varies from 1100 to 3000.
  • Capacity for angles: 45 degrees left and right.
  • 1-inch stroke length
  • T-shank or Universal Shank blade shank compatibility
  • 4.4-pound weight.

Pros & Cons

  • Portable
  • Blade replacement without the use of any tools
  • Other batteries are compatible.
  • Affordable
  • No leaser guide
  • T-shank blades are the only ones utilized.
  • Blade clamp made of plastic.


To assist you in making a purchasing choice, we have included a brief explanation and comparison of the Ryobi P5231 vs P523. There are few distinctions between these two tools.

Based on pricing and characteristics, you may select the one that best matches your needs. Both of these tools are appropriate for household usage, but professional users prefer the Ryobi P523.

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